Chef Noha is one of London’s top private chefs. Noha trained at the prestigious Centre International de Glion in Montreux, Switzerland and has worked at top hotels and restaurants in London and New York, including “La Caravelle” under the legendary guidance of Chef Eric Domenico.

She was born in Beirut, Lebanon to Lebanese parents and is the youngest of five children. Aged three her family escaped the Civil War to London, England.

Working now as a private chef to some of Londons finest and most discerning private clients she works with an amazing team of waiters and chefs. Together they deliver the 5 star experience to clients time and time again.

She offers a bespoke service made to measure for each of her clients. None ever being the same means you always get what you want.

Noha’s team are some of the leading professionals in the business… probably the best in town who all believe in delivering the best to their clients.

Note from the chef

“Food has been my passion in life since I was five years old, it had to be – I am Lebanese after all, it’s part of our DNA. I was transfixed as a child by the wonderful symphony being played out in our kitchen every day by my mother.

When most girls my age wanted to run around the garden and play hide and seek, I grew up watching, learning and helping out in the kitchen. Maybe I was destined to be a cook from those early days, however the kitchen is where I would spend my time after school, the kitchen is where I felt happiest and could be myself. This started my love and respect for delicious home cooking. Beirut was a kaleidoscope of bright colours, fantastic smells, delicious flavours and a cacophony of noise. In London I discovered an audience who opened their arms to sharing these experiences. London gave me a new home, a people who embraced me and my culture, providing an enthusiasm and energy that inspires me daily… to represent, to create, to push boundaries, to deliver beautiful dining experiences for wonderful people.”

Why Noha?

The food of course is something of a underground scene among London’s discerning foodies and dinner party hosts and hostesses. Her work will be able to show why Noha is something of a low key superstar. When you have built up a client list over the years as long and as impressive as Noha, then you are safe in the knowledge that she is doing something right.



Noha Moukarzel

Open Tuesday – Saturday, closed Sunday & Monday

M. 07814 009530